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Bowenwork & Micro-Current


Buffalo, WY

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Wellness Services

Massage Therapy

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy, also known as Bowenwork,

is a gentle form of bodywork that can have a profound self-healing effect to relieve pain. It is a wholistic approach and appropriate for all.

Micro-Current Facial Rejuvenation

Look younger and feel younger with more energy, relaxation and improved health... It shows, it lasts, and the world notices

Completely natural and non-invasive.

Massage Therapy

A combination of techniques is used to calm and restore  the body, mind, and spirit to a state of balance and wellbeing. 


"I went to Bettina for Micro-Current therapy and am most pleased! I am 64 years old and have the typical age lines associated with my age and wanted to soften them up a bit without the use of Botox or fillers. Bettina told me about the Micro-Current therapy, told me it would take about 10 years off my face so I tried it. I saw results within 3 visits! I highly recommend it. Plus- she balances your meridian points before doing the face!! To me that's two for one!!"

K. Lee

"Wow!! What an incredible experience I had with Bowenwork therapy! After dealing with knee pain for several years, Bettina suggested that instead of traditional massage. We tried Bowenwork to heal and alleviate pain in my knee. I was thrilled with how relaxing the procedure is and after only a few sessions my knee was pain free! I continue to use Bowen therapy for other injuries, stress reduction and general wellbeing os often as possible with great results! I highly recommend it!"

- Tammy C.

"I learned about Bowen about 18 years ago as a method of helping with problems with my TMJ. Since then, each time I have moved to a new town , I have looked for a practitioner. When I moved to Sheridan 5 years ago I was elated to find Bettina! I like to have a Bowen every 2 to 4 weeks as a way to maintain better pasture and manage muscle tension. Recently I had a terrible fall onto my knees. As soon as I cleaned up the blood I contacted Bettina to schedule a session knowing I would recover much quicker with Bowen on my side."


 - Alisa S. 

"I went on vacation and the long plane rides aggravated my chronic coccyx pain. I'd been seeing a chiropractor for over a year and we were working through a long regimen to heal the pain. Bettina did 2 Bowen sessions focused on procedures for the coccyx. I didn't feel anything right away, however, within a few days my pain was gone and no amount of sitting or plane rides has caused it to flare up again. I swear by the healing properties of Bowenwork."

- Lexie N

About Bettina

I have always loved working with people. My early career path was in medical social work and nursing. I became a massage therapist 30 years ago. After 25 years practicing massage therapy, I discovered Bowenwork therapy when a friend told me about the fast remarkable effect it had treating her back pain. The other attractive aspect of Bowenwork was that it had the potential to extend my career as a bodyworker because of the gentle nature of the work on my body as well as those of my clients. 


I continue to be amazed at the lasting results I witness with my clients, in relieving pain, range of motion restrictions, anxiety, and many other discomforts. My clients report feelings of relaxation and overall wellbeing to be more profound with Bowenwork. I love sharing. As an Associate Instructor, I offer “Bowenwork: An Introduction to Wellness in Your Hands“. This is a 4 hour Introductory class available to anyone regardless of background or training.


In 2019 I trained and now offer  Micro-current “red carpet” facials and other micro-current treatments. Micro-current facials are a non-invasive, non-chemical, painless anti-aging service that has the potential to reverse the age of your face by 10 plus years at a fraction of the cost of a face lift. Other micro-current treatments include protocols for Acne/Rosacea, tinnitus, cellulite, weight loss, pain, immunity boost, and more.

To learn more about Micro-current facials and the before and after results, visit

Degrees & Certifications

Micro-current facial Rejuvenation Training - 2019

Associate Instructor Training - 2017

Specialized Procedure Training - 2017

Certification in Bowenwork - 2015

Massage Therapy- Seattle school of Massage

Bachelor in Social Work- University of Wyoming

Associates in Nursing- NWCC  Sheridan Wyoming


Get in Touch


483 N Main Street

Buffalo, WY 82834

Tue, Wed, Thur

10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

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